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Patch 5.1 Hotfix vom WoW Gold

Patch 5.1 Hotfix vom WoW Gold

Blizzard hat in der vergangenen Nacht bereits einen ersten Hotfix für den für uns heute aufgespielten Patch 5.1 hochgeladen. In dem Hotfix wurden einige Klassenänderungen sowie Änderungen an den Bossen aus der Terrasse des Endlosen Frühlings vorgenommen.
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Eine Übersetzung der Patch 5.1 Hotfixes wird für den morgigen Donnerstag erwartet.

Blizzard PosterBlizzard on Patch 5.1 Hotfixes (Source)

November 27


* Hunter
o Aspect of the Hawk and Aspect of the Iron Hawk now increase ranged attack power by 15% (was 10%).
* Monk
o Desperate Measures now also resets the cooldown on Expel Harm when the Monk is below 35% health.
* Paladin
o Light of Dawn’s healing has been increased by 5%.
o Holy Prism will now always heal the 5 closest allies with the lowest health.
* Rogue WoW Gold kaufen
o The cooldown of Vanish has been reduced to 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).
* Warlock
o Curse of Enfeeblement and Aura of Enfeeblement now reduce the physical damage dealt by all targets by 10% (was 20%).
o Aura of Enfeeblement and Aura of the Elements now cost 150 Demonic Fury (was 50), and have a 10 second cooldown.


* Polluted Viceclaw Scuttlers are now much tougher customers.


* Sky Crystals can no longer function against Alani once Nimbus Shroud has been dispelled.

Dungeons, Raids & Scenarios

* Terrace of Endless Spring
o Corrupted Protectors now deal less damage in the Raid Finder version of this raid.
o The Sha of Fear
+ A number of bug fixes and adjustments have been made to the Heroic mode version of this encounter:
# The Sha of Fear will now transition to the Dread Expanse at 66% health (was 50%), and no longer heals when entering the second phase of the encounter.
# Dread Spawns can now gain up to 5 stacks of Gathering Speed (was 3).
# Dread Spawns now spawn at a reduced rate.
# Dread Spawns will no longer sometimes cast Eternal Darkness on an incorrect target.
# Dread Spawns will now always cast Sha Spine when a player picks up the Orb of Light; the damage of Sha Spine has been reduced.
# Dread Spawns are no longer fooled by Feign Death.
o Tsulong
+ The Raid Finder version of this encounter has been tuned to be more appropriate for its intended difficulty.
+ Tsulong will no longer despawn unexpectedly in the Heroic mode version of this encounter.
o Lei Shi
+ Lei Shi’s Spray Ability now increases frost damage taken by 10% per stack in the Raid Finder version of this encounter (was 12%).

Bug Fixes

* Classes
o Druid
+ Clearcasting is no longer consumed by damaging spells while Heart of the Wild is active.
o Monk
+ Renewing Mist can no longer sometimes be cast while mounted.
o Paladin
+ Fixed an issue that could cause Illuminated Healing to apply absorption shields when no healing was generated.
o Rogue
+ Anticipation now generates the correct number of combo points when Crimson Tempest is used.
* Players can now properly earn credit for the Last Man Standing achievement.
* The Turkey Shooter can no longer be used on mounted players.
* Fixed an issue that would cause various items to be awarded to players of the incorrect class or specialization in Raid Finder encounters.
* Fixed an issue that would prevent some items from The Terrace of Endless Spring from being disenchanted.

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